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Bring New Life to Your Vehicles

Just because a truck or tractor is used for hard work doesn't mean it needs to look rough. Speedy Metal Polish, located in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, distributes silicone polymer and carnauba wax polish for use on most types of metal. Use our high-gloss polish to keep your equipment looking great and protected from the elements. Find out the specifications of our polish.

Chrome on Motor Vehicles

Benefits of Speedy Metal Polish

Protect and maintain your cars, trucks, boats, and even signs with our Speedy Metal Polish. Unlike most solutions, this one is liquid-based, not cream-based, so it lasts longer and applies quicker. This time-tested formula not only thoroughly cleans most metals and painted surfaces, but it also seals and protects from soil, oxidation, detergents, and salts.


Speedy Metal Polish works great on cars, trucks, tractors, boats, planes, motorcycles, and even metal signs. It applies easily and evenly over large areas either by hand or by machine buffer, and most formulae do not scratch your paint, decals, or other surfaces. Use our polish on more than just flat vehicle surfaces. Wheels, saddle tanks, weld seams, and other hard-to-reach places all get just as clean and protected as any other surface.


In addition to quick application and easy cleanup, our polish has a shelf life of two years. Store it in your garage with the rest of your vehicle maintenance supplies, because freezing temperatures don't affect it like other solutions. You don't even need to worry about regular monthly upkeep, because one application of Speedy Metal Polish lasts up to one year outdoors and two years indoors. One quart will effectively clean an entire tractor four to six times.