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A Wide Array of Options for Your Vehicles

Whether you're cleaning restaurant equipment or maintaining your boat, Speedy Metal Polish carries a solution for you. Our marine polish is suitable for an assortment of metal types and protects surfaces from both fresh and saltwater damage. Use our water-repellant polish on any vehicles that are stored outside to prevent oxidation or rust. Learn about more of our high-tech polishes.

Metal Polish Product

Speedy Metal Polish

This basic polish is a good choice for most metals used in marine, hotel, restaurant, and any other industry. Regular application of this product protects and seals surfaces against damage from oxidation, saltwater, freshwater, or chemicals. Use this formula on stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, chrome, or fiberglass. Speedy Metal Polish starts at $9.95 for an 8-ounce container. Call For Purchasing Cases.

Speedy First Step

For fast removal of heavy oxidation, stains, rust, soil, tar, and brake dust, use Speedy First Step™, a heavy duty cutting compound. Formulated to work harder than any other compound, this is to be used as a pre-polish solution to clean and protect heavily-soiled or oxidized metals. This product does damage paint, anodized or plastic surfaces, clear coats, and decals because it is intended to clean extremely damaged and dirty metal surfaces. A 16-ounce bottle starts at $14.95 and should be used prior to using classic Speedy Metal Polish for a high-shine, clean finish.

Speedy Turbo

Get a high-shine mirror finish with Speedy Turbo™. Formulated for easy application and residue removal, this formula provides the same carnauba wax and silicone polymer-blend protection and shine, but leaves and easier-to-remove residue. A 16-ounce bottle of Speedy Turbo is $15.95 Call For Purchasing Cases