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Protection from Weather and Vandals

Ensure that your vehicles' clean look and high shine lasts with paint sealant and water-repellant polish from Speedy Metal Polish. Distributed for years from our Fleetwood, Pennsylvania-based store, these products have a reliable history of providing top-notch protection and finish for a variety of metals. Learn more about the benefits of Speedy Metal Polish.

Quick Shine 99

Quick Shine 99™ offers you all the benefits of a professionally washed and waxed vehicle in one easy-to-use product. Quick Shine 99 is an extremely versatile product providing a long-lasting shine and protection to most of your vehicle surfaces without the need to rinse away residue. An easy-to-use 12-ounce spray can costs $12.99(Call For Purchasing Cases)


Improve vision in the rain and repel snow and sleet with our rain repellant and glass treatment. This compound outperforms competing products using innovative new technology developed by PPG Industries, Inc™. A container of Aquapel™ costs $9.50.(Call For Purchasing Cases)